Blogs x V-Day

Been blog hopping for the last few hours because I’m – 1.) home early (yes, no cringing!), 2.) sick as hell, and 3.) really such a blogwhore. /LOL. Anyway. You should’ve seen my RSS reader! It’s been painted red all over.




I love Laureen, the uber-fashionista.


An idolatry I learned some six years ago – Ms. Lori Baltazar.


Me Buddha Banana

Bjorn x Manila

As much as I cringe how young he is and already making it big, I admire that his passion in everything he does.

Saab x FMCC

Is it necessary to say I love Saab more than any girl in my life? Groupie alert.


Rent is in my forever growing list of theatrical plays to watch. Maybe this Valentine’s. If only V-Day is a holiday!


* Photo credits to the respective bloggers.

I excluded posts from the ongoing Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark – to which I was about to go, just when my asthma attacks like there’s no tomorrow. Dear lungs, I haven’t abused you at all, so why this? (Sorry. Ranting now.) ALSO! That Status Fashion Show in UST! Damn.

Valentine’s Day (or ❤’s Day to others. Make it Single Awareness Day to many!!!) is only three snoozes away. On a manic monday, I bet you’ll find it difficult finding a quiet, and almost empty restaurant with people less than smooching in front of you. People flood the malls as if it’s the Christmas sale again (AND LUNETA. Do people date there pa?) Flowers’ price hikes (to which I ask, why do chocolates’ don’t.) And the need for the RH bill to be passed increases. For me though (as in for the past 21 years a.k.a. My Whole Life), I’ll be spending it with friends and family (or with paperworks.) Hopefully, the former.

Not that I care that I don’t have a Valentine. Haha!

I’m going random and bonkers already. My lungs are unimaginable.


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