MEIDAY is such a Happy Day!

Lazy Saturday turned into one happy day, errr, actually night. I left home early just to save myself from hibernating all day. Before I watch movies/series/youtube, read magazines, eat and get fat all day, I moved my ass away from my bed and headed out. Roamed around the mall, got equally bored as I am at home. Jeez. Gone are the days when I enjoyed malling. Anyway. Met up with Hanna, Pate, and Chris for one spectacular night @ Meiday! If you don’t know what Meiday is, click away. Here are some outtakes, though – Bands, Booze, Buddies:

OUTFIT POST: Switch Nation tee, Solo pleated polo, Billabong pants, thrifted military boots, MFG shoulder bag.

@ the Junkie Shop by Mei Bastes – plenty of specs! And plenty more pretty junk!

You can’t get enough funk from this junk!


We are Triangle: MUJI ba itey?!

I love this triangular couch. Time to have a couch in my room!

Hanna lurved this chair. The intricate metal work gives minimalism more geometry.


MEIDAY Collabs…

Ang mga parokyano ng Cubao X

The lady who knows them all. Chos. Pate Salonga.

With boyfie, Sir Chris. Wazzup, Sir?!

THE BENTA POSE. Peace, Pate!

Some went for the music. Some went for the art. Some went because they know people. Some went because they know people, who knew people, who probably knew more people. But some, just went because it was fun! Definitely a Cubao X weekend to remember! Next Meiday is on May, so I heard. I’ll see you guys, yes?

P.S. I saw @saabmagalona. I wish I took a picture. Oooops, no groupies allowed pala, sabi ni Hanna! HAHA! (Am I a groupie?!)

P.P.S. Pate, Hanna, and I are cooking something up! Stay tuned! I just hope our board exams would not stall us that much.

That’s all folks.


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