Gagradweyt na kame! Part I

Well, as many would say — Huling hirit bago grumadweyt! Check out 110’s hottest from the behind the scenes from our graduation pictorial!

Who won't sizzle with The Cristina Alviz?!

In character, the Queen of Egypt, Nica Guerra

Baila! Jean Feliciano.

Zeh court jester, Grandeur Fiesta.

Cowgirl Nesciree Cabagyo.

Rock the school halls Ariane dela Cruz! /gawd I love those booties!

This probably will be the first and last time we'll see Hannah Calvo rock it!

Ivy Lim bids us all Kung Hei Fat Choi while Marielle Pamatmat is the bidang kontrabida!

Konnichiwa from Eirene "Kurai" Ocampo

Glamorous Angela Coronado!

Tropical princess E-ann Garcia.

Victoria's Angel?! Elaine Hernandez

Pyramiiiiiiiiiiid! 110's Charice, Emma Dimaguila

The Gladiator and her muse. Ramon Aringo x the very voluptuous Danie Adriano

This is just the first! Look out for Part II!


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