Last January 28, UST celebrated their quadricentennial anniversary, celebrating 400 years of giving probably the best education (this country probably has ever seen) to the Filipino people. I was lucky to have a sister studying in the oldest standing university in the country, not to mention the a very historical one too.

Waiting for the concert at the carpark

My sister, the camwhore!

Syempre, the Kuya is always the first date to everything… When I have work already, I won’t be able to do this with her na

The big crowd.

Unveiling of the quattromondial monument. Pardon the quality, that was just taken from a satellite screen in Plaza Mayor.

There was a motocross show and people ziplining with fireworks on their hands. Spectacular show!

The stage from our vantage point. We’re too tamad to go to the mosh pit area.

SCREENCAPS! LOL! Mr. Fu hosting the show. (If you followed my twitverage of the concert, he interviewed the oldest living alumna of the university – Mrs. Amadea Medina, who graduated magna cum laude from the College of Education. I haven’t taken a picture though.)

This guy kept on blocking our sight. Bah-hum-bug!

Happy Quadricentennial UST, continue to produce the best students for this country! Go USTe!


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