Early Chinese New Year Dinner @ Zong

After We Are Aimless I went to the Fort for late dinner with Jen. It was Chinese New Year in barely two weeks, and we were craving for something Asian. So we went to Zong.

It was quite late and there’s a sparse crowd occupying the place. It was true-to-zen peaceful there, something I needed actually. It was not necessarily Chinese, but has some good Chinese staples in the menu.

Cute chubby boy photo is right beside our table, ain’t he cute? Anyway. I am very particular with Chinese food. IMO, it’s one of the cuisines so hard to replicate with delicate ingredients and age-old methods of cooking. Here in the Philippines, if you like honest Chinese cuisine, you’ll hover at Chinatown in Binondo. While Chowking’s ads says it’s desperate Chinese food, others are just fair, some menu items are in the brink of making it, and some are just trying so hard.

In an empty stomach I’ll devour each and every food in the table. My taste buds don’t lie though. The roast platter was a combo of perfectly roasted assorted meat. While I approve of trying out exotic meats, the jelly fish was perfect in texture, but the sauce is too sweet-and-sour for me. I don’t eat anything sweet and sour. As for my friend, Jen, she dislikes anything exotic, including menu items she can’t even pronounce. The seafood rice was a little bland and lacking in flavor (particularly sodium.) Jen and I have a running list of fried rice disappointments and this one may have made the list, if we weren’t just hungry… LOL.

The highlight of this dinner, I think, are the Hakaw and Shrimp and Peach roll. I cannot say anything for the hakaw, but only that it is well executed and particularly sumptuous. The shrimp and peach roll though was an extravaganza of flavor. I never tried anything like it; the peach was a palate cleanser and I believe there is always room for more shrimp.

I almost forgot to mention: they don’t have house tea! And that the only tea available is Jasmine. I want green tea with my dimsum! :|

Jen just got herself bangs. She has a modeling stint with some designers, and she’ll be walking the ramp on the 17th in A-venue, and 24th in DLSU. Let’s support this fabulous gal! Love you gel!

I know it’s 18 hours late, but hey, KUNG HEI FAT CHOI everyone!

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