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We are not aimless

Manila Contemporary has been in operation since December 2008. In only a little under two years, its large, high-ceiling space (300 square meters in area), has played home to a large and impressive roster of artists from the Philippines and the greater Southeast Asia. (official website)


When in the Philippines, do check out the local arts scene, and find yourself in enigma of the works of Filipinos, especially the young ones. I actually just crashed the opening night, I just saw the pub mat at Inkarlcerating. I needed a break so I just went, even alone, to destress myself from school, graduation stuff, force feeding of review center marketing blabs, and, still, more nursing stuff. I obviously need something to calm my nerves. (If I have been flooding your timelines in twitter with megadoses of rants, I am sorry.)

I like their works. They’re visionary, rebellious, and fresh. It makes you think.

The installations upstairs are nothing but equals of the paintings downstairs. There is a lot of deconstruction involved here.

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I almost forgot that I almost, ALMOST, lost my way because it was behind the very gallant Ford gala event. Having myself alone, I shoe-stalked people to curb my loneliness. Call me the Shoehunter /LOL

Paul Jatayna x Soule Phenomenon booties (I approve!)

Gray Go-go boots

DM-ish military boots


The crowd.

Eye candies.

This guy's tattoo in his left ear (blurred because I used up all the digital zoom of my camera)

I love how bohemian this look is

Androgyny's finest: Paul Jatayna (paulhighness.tumblr.com) and Karl Leuterio (totallyinkarlcerating.blogspot.com)

Went to Global City after to have dinner with Jen (next post).

Mi favorito!

Always, in class... This is actually for me /chos


Main gallery is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 11AM – 7PM; Sundays, 11AM – 4PM. Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays.

Let us support our talented local artists!