Who doesn’t tumble these days?

It was once a place for people who don’t want Facebook, much more Twitter. It was a spot where you can be yourself (well, you can be anywhere, trust me) and let loose what you can’t on Facebook because your entire clan is logged in 24/7. It was a new hype in blogging.

Spot.ph brings you Filipino Tumblr Superstars who 1.) has a lot of following, 2.) are definitely Tumblarity (when it was still around) kings and queens, 3.) must be a celebrity, and 4.) post damn good stuff in the internet. And apparently they drove a lot of tumbling peeps along with them.


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I am following 7 out of 10 bloggers in that list. Of course (!) including the lovely and witty (and all the nice words that I can find in the dictionary) Saab.

Follow me, too! http://jnvrmnlph.tumblr.com

2 responses to “Who doesn’t tumble these days?

  1. interesting! thanks for posting this. im following you already :)

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