Daily Archives: January 3, 2011


1. Eat healthy. This is not new. But per as my previous post, my legs are humongous. 2010 was a year when the world saw Jonver embracing the fastfood diet. However, it’s never late to decide eat healthier stuff. Let’s hope though healthy food comes cheaper in 2011. Health comes with a price in the PH, you know. But with health, everything follows. So here goes: For a skinnier waistline!

More fruity smoothies, less coffee :) Mango Banana Blitz from Fuzion

* As told, this hits a spot (and number 1!) on the list.

2. Read more. You know that information is knowledge. It’s time to put discipline to this. Last year, I think, I finished three to four books, not counting my textbooks, dozens of magazines, and countless blogs. This year, let’s raise the numbers, shall we?

This book is next in line. And the notepads will sure keep me writing in idle times. -----> Christmas gifts that I really love! (and for more, lemongrass suckles!)

3. Less time in the mall. My holiday malling experience was horrendous. Maybe it’s a sign.

Maybe someday...

4. Blog more. I have been a bad blogger — blogging stuff a week after, some a couple of weeks, and some never made it in the site. But new year is a year of change and beginnings, and yes, I want to be a better at this. I have to say I have to stop checking Twitter and Facebook (and Tumblr and foursquare and lookbook and… oh gawd) I have to make my online time productive. I think I’ll be more productive if I moderate my online activities. Well, maybe just a little. #hesitant

FEU. 17 December 2010, 6 a.m.

5. Graduate. If possible, with flying colors. And pass the boards. After six years of college and I’m finally near the finish line. I hope I make it through.

Taken from the last Christmas party in college that I will have. With the very voluptuous Marielle Pamatmat.

6. Be more fashionable. Not that I think I am, but investing in really good clothes is a start, as my friend Jen Aquino, the Killer, said. Some things just have to stay though. The boots will always be a staple. Always for more denims and rugged pants. I shall keep on patronizing budding new tee artists (I must say this: I LOVE SWITCH!) And for more vintage specs!

From a Christmas Party, 2010.

* Some things to try this year: formal tops, khakis, accessories (notice that I barely wear any,) espadrilles, and a new haircut (after I graduate, definitely!)

7. Enrich myself. I am a fickle-minded person. I am finishing Nursing, but seems to have lost interest in medicine (supposedly the reason for this) or medical-related courses. I used to be a photographer, but I lost it, but now I have it again. I love to write, but had several severe episodes of writers’ block. This year, as my college life finally comes to an end, and a new life commences, it seems just appropriate to invest on my skills, on what I really want. Practice makes perfect and a try won’t harm at all. I’ll keep a note on that. In this world, one has to market himself, so why not raise the market value.

I shall have better shots than this. #sohelpmeGod (But this is one of my favorite shots ever.)

8. Get involved. The two-month wait for my license (#sohelpmeGod) is a long wait, and why waste time if you can get involved in causes you believe in. This year, I hope to join Rock Ed Philippines. I have always seen myself volunteering in causes that I believe in, in causes that have an impact on me, my nation, and my environment. Now that I will have the time for it, I can’t really wait to start. My year, in this perspective, cannot get better than this!


9. Find a job. Even as I hate being a nurse, I have to. If the #lawofattraction works, I want to get out of the country and work, pronto! It’s my turn to help finance my siblings’ education and I look forward to it. All I can say: It’s payback time.

I want to help my parents (and grandmother) keep that radiant smile in their faces.

10. Save up. Well. This used to be on the top of the list. But then again, save the best for last, yes? For the longest time, I need to save up. Especially now, I’ll be officially unemployed in three months. #Pleasehelpmetobepositive

Less shopping. Well at least I hope for #morefreestuff in #2011 :P


#2011 poses new hope for us. It’s actually fun to make a list of your goals, some of them your dreams, and all the possible stuff you want to do in the coming year. It’s appeasing to the mind that you have a concrete plan to walk on, but running in spontaneity is also fun. May be hard to blend the two but a striking balance in between should work just as fine!

Just a lil reminder...

Cheers to #2011!