Party Week: BSN110 Christmas Party @ Glorietta de Manila

This is a delayed post, just so because I have to suffer the repercussions of my actions early this semester. I won’t discuss it here, but nevertheless, I won’t let it stop the happiness of my Christmas Party Week either! Party after party after party!

The BSN110 Christmas Party @ Glorietta de Manila! Wear your status — fashionably!

Danie Adriano

Ariane dela Cruz and Hannah Calvo

Dee Zyrie Divina and June Pamintuan

Team Yellow, Team Single! Angeline Vivar, Emmalyn Dimaguila, and Erieca Valdez

Wear your status proud!

Black: If you are single and searching/dating.
White: If you are single because you can’t have the one you love.
Yellow: If you are single but happy and contented and have no plans of having a relationship yet.
Gray: If you are single but thinks that you already found your true love.
Violet: If you are single, found someone but is not yet ready to commit.
Red: If you are taken and so much in love.
Green: If you are in a relationship but confused.
Blue: If you are in an informal relationship (in short fling/s)
Pink: If you are tired of being in love as of the moment (time-out muna).

…by Jean Rose Lim.

With Master Organizer Marielle Pamatmat and Sexy Mara Villaluz (!)

With Hanna Samson

With the very witty Elaine Arce

DJ Roy in the house!

Hosts of the night: Ramon Aringo and JM Vecida

Crush ng Bayan: Choco Biongan

The very voluptuous Marielle Pamatmat

Master Party Organizers Yeye, Roy, and Jean

You go with that animal print dress, Ciarel Ramos!

Future radio jocks: Hanna, Jonver, and Ella Coronado

Group 38

The Posse: Jeff Ordonez, JM Vecida, and Ramon Aringo

Obligatory Outfit Post, with Yeye. On me: Switch Tee, Billabong Pants, Thrifted Boots, Wayfarers, and accessories.

After the party, we headed on to Guilly’s. Kinda hardly enjoyable, the music sorta sucks. There were some hits, but some are just pointless. We enjoyed each other’s company though! Party on!

This will be the last Christmas party the section will have, since on April we’ll be all (very hopefully!) marching the red carpet and receive our diploma. To the best section ever, thank you for the good time!


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