Christmas Eve To-Do List

1. Sleep. Practically, this is your much-needed and long-awaited sleep marathon. If you’re a student, I bet you just can’t wait for this time of the year.

2. Hot cocoa with family. Ain’t it lovely to spend the cool Christmas Eve brunch with family? Put that tablea in that pan of hot steamed milk, and merit yourself a cup of love!

3. Clean the house. You don’t want to celebrate or have guests with a messy house. So grab that duster and massacre the dust bunny army!

4. Simbang Gabi. The Filipino tradition of nine mornings spent in mass, meditating the word of God, ad discovering (or rediscovering) the true meaning of Christmas. Isn’t Jesus the true meaning of these all?

5. Prepare for Noche Buena. You can’t forego this occasion without food. Set the menu and theme, do it as a family activity, have the kids help in preparing, assign tasks to everybody, and let it be fun cooking altogether!

6. Charge the camera. You don’t want to miss a moment now, do you? So don’t forget that your camera needs power to run. Go, plug it. Now.

7. Wrap last minute gifts. I am the boy who crammed. So for those like me, do it in the wee hours of the morning, when everybody’s asleep. We don’t want to let them know who’s Santa, do we? Teehee.

8. Last time to carol. It’s a kid’s thing, but Christmas is not Christmas without some carolers in the streets. Have some change ready by the tree to give to those snotty lil’ kids. And watch out for, “Tenk you, tenk you, ambabarat ninyo tenk you!”

9. Exchange hundreds to twenties. C’mon don’t be the Grinch and give something for that someone shouting, “Namamasko pfouwsz!”

10. Do the Christmas itinerary. As a tradition, my family goes out on Christmas day. We don’t host Christmas day on our home, we celebrate it on our relatives’ homes. For those like us, perhaps, a lil’ planning won’t hurt to maximize the merry day that is Christmas.

Have a merry Christmas everyone!


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