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The New Year’s Eve To-Do List

Christmas Eve To-Do List here.

1. Be at home. It’s the last and first holiday of the previous and new year respectively (now that was magulo, haha) so why not stay indoors (or anywhere just with family) and lavish the few free days you have with them. Your time with them might not be plenty in quantity but definitely is quality.

2. The thirteen (was it?) fruits. I keep hearing it was actually twelve. Well, whatever it is, it’s not the tradition I am after. Live a healthier lifestyle, quit the vices, junk food, and the couch. Eat fruits, exercise, and aim for another 30 or more years of your life. No one can take care of yourself but you.

3. Media Noche. What is a special day without food? Cook away the family secret recipe and let a heartwarming food be shared among family and friends.

4. Fireworks (be safe). If you must, but please care for earth and consider just slamming that lid to the pan. It bangs your ears but at least not the ozone layer.

5. Pray for a good year ahead. There’s nothing better but to start a year with a conversation with your God. Tell Him your worries, your plans, your aspirations. It actually helps to believe in a greater force in your life.

6. Set out the year’s goals. Fail to plan and you plan to fail. An investment, a new car, a relationship, or a smaller waistline. Whatever it is, I believe planning is the first stage to every success.

7. Put closure to things that need closure. As you plan to start new goals, you also have to put some things into closure. Everything ends in their own rightful time. No matter what.

8. Last-minute reunions. Your free time is as scarce as your unused sick leave days. Use it to catch up with people on the first day of the year when you don’t have actual work.

9. Fix your school/work stuff. Those scarce free time will plummet into zero so fast you won’t actually feel it pass by. Fix your stuff early so even if you catch hangover you’re ready for school or work for that matter.

10. Work for a better you. New year is for new beginnings. As another year ends, let’s aim that we become a better person than we are in the past. Change bad habits. Form good new ones. Take it baby step by baby step. Then eventually you’ll make big steps in the road called life.

A prosperous, meaningful, and blessed 2011 to all of you!

Party Week: BSN110 Christmas Party @ Glorietta de Manila

This is a delayed post, just so because I have to suffer the repercussions of my actions early this semester. I won’t discuss it here, but nevertheless, I won’t let it stop the happiness of my Christmas Party Week either! Party after party after party!

The BSN110 Christmas Party @ Glorietta de Manila! Wear your status — fashionably!

Danie Adriano

Ariane dela Cruz and Hannah Calvo

Dee Zyrie Divina and June Pamintuan

Team Yellow, Team Single! Angeline Vivar, Emmalyn Dimaguila, and Erieca Valdez

Wear your status proud!

Black: If you are single and searching/dating.
White: If you are single because you can’t have the one you love.
Yellow: If you are single but happy and contented and have no plans of having a relationship yet.
Gray: If you are single but thinks that you already found your true love.
Violet: If you are single, found someone but is not yet ready to commit.
Red: If you are taken and so much in love.
Green: If you are in a relationship but confused.
Blue: If you are in an informal relationship (in short fling/s)
Pink: If you are tired of being in love as of the moment (time-out muna).

…by Jean Rose Lim.

With Master Organizer Marielle Pamatmat and Sexy Mara Villaluz (!)

With Hanna Samson

With the very witty Elaine Arce

DJ Roy in the house!

Hosts of the night: Ramon Aringo and JM Vecida

Crush ng Bayan: Choco Biongan

The very voluptuous Marielle Pamatmat

Master Party Organizers Yeye, Roy, and Jean

You go with that animal print dress, Ciarel Ramos!

Future radio jocks: Hanna, Jonver, and Ella Coronado

Group 38

The Posse: Jeff Ordonez, JM Vecida, and Ramon Aringo

Obligatory Outfit Post, with Yeye. On me: Switch Tee, Billabong Pants, Thrifted Boots, Wayfarers, and accessories.

After the party, we headed on to Guilly’s. Kinda hardly enjoyable, the music sorta sucks. There were some hits, but some are just pointless. We enjoyed each other’s company though! Party on!

This will be the last Christmas party the section will have, since on April we’ll be all (very hopefully!) marching the red carpet and receive our diploma. To the best section ever, thank you for the good time!

Christmas Eve To-Do List

1. Sleep. Practically, this is your much-needed and long-awaited sleep marathon. If you’re a student, I bet you just can’t wait for this time of the year.

2. Hot cocoa with family. Ain’t it lovely to spend the cool Christmas Eve brunch with family? Put that tablea in that pan of hot steamed milk, and merit yourself a cup of love!

3. Clean the house. You don’t want to celebrate or have guests with a messy house. So grab that duster and massacre the dust bunny army!

4. Simbang Gabi. The Filipino tradition of nine mornings spent in mass, meditating the word of God, ad discovering (or rediscovering) the true meaning of Christmas. Isn’t Jesus the true meaning of these all?

5. Prepare for Noche Buena. You can’t forego this occasion without food. Set the menu and theme, do it as a family activity, have the kids help in preparing, assign tasks to everybody, and let it be fun cooking altogether!

6. Charge the camera. You don’t want to miss a moment now, do you? So don’t forget that your camera needs power to run. Go, plug it. Now.

7. Wrap last minute gifts. I am the boy who crammed. So for those like me, do it in the wee hours of the morning, when everybody’s asleep. We don’t want to let them know who’s Santa, do we? Teehee.

8. Last time to carol. It’s a kid’s thing, but Christmas is not Christmas without some carolers in the streets. Have some change ready by the tree to give to those snotty lil’ kids. And watch out for, “Tenk you, tenk you, ambabarat ninyo tenk you!”

9. Exchange hundreds to twenties. C’mon don’t be the Grinch and give something for that someone shouting, “Namamasko pfouwsz!”

10. Do the Christmas itinerary. As a tradition, my family goes out on Christmas day. We don’t host Christmas day on our home, we celebrate it on our relatives’ homes. For those like us, perhaps, a lil’ planning won’t hurt to maximize the merry day that is Christmas.

Have a merry Christmas everyone!


Beyond Blogging

Again, if you have been following me in Twitter, you might have known that I attended the 4th Philippine Blog Awards. No, I’m not nominated, though I really wished (!) I knew it through #SentiSabado fame, Tonyo Cruz:

It was held in the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium in RCBC Plaza at the heart of the Makati CBD. Registration started at 6pm and food and drinks we’re overflowing. Pasta, pizza and pica pica is courtesy of Angel’s Catering, and blogger’s best friend caffeine fix by Figaro.

I met up with Tonyo before the ceremonies began. Had some chit chat. Met also @pinoygossipboy who is instantly escalating the pop meter (aside from being this year’s finalist for Best Entertainment Blog) after Cristine Reyes’ and Sarah Geronimo’s clash. Also, I met Yahoo’s @ederic and some other cool bloggers! It’s my first time to see the Filipino blogging community unite!

Ang labo ng kuha ni Kuya Photog

Pardon the bad photoblogger that I am. Super tamad to take photos during the event. Calling the forces of the universe kasi for a dSLR na! Teehee! However, I was tweetveraging so I had to have Twitpics!

Taken from the Balcony area

Anyway. Gabe Mercado‘s hosting this year’s awards night! Ain’t he the funniest person?! Okay ka pa ba tyan? He appeared in pajamas and humongous bedroom slippers. It turned to an instant comedy bar inside the audi. Undersecretary Manuel Quezon III, a blogger-turned-government-personality delivered the keynote speech addressing the up and down trends of bloggers. Past winners, blog authorities, and officials of the PBA presented the awards that night.

Kudos to y’all!

Well, obviously, I was busy the whole time tweeting who the winners are. But I’m glad to be of service, to my followers and occasional guests, to bring you the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards Winners!


Best Blog in Advocacy Category – Web Safety Philippines by Sonnie Santos
Best Blog in Beauty and Lifestyle Category – The Reluctant Stylista by Alexandra Lapa
Best Blog in Business Category – Ready to be Rich by Fitz Villafuerte
Best Blog in Culture and Arts – Anik-anik Love by Mitch Mauricio
Best Blog in Entertainment Category – Without Wang2 by Nickie Wang
Best Blog in Food and Beverage Category – Happy Foodies by Ferdz Decena
Best Blog in Gaming Category – Back 2 Gaming by B2Gamers
Best Blog in Hobby and Recreation – Back 2 Gaming by B2Gamers
Best Blog in Home and Parenting Category – iMom by Chats Siao
Best Blog in Humor Category – The Professional Heckler by Loi Reyes Landicho
Best Blog in Lifestyle – The Creative Dork by Robbie Bautista
Best Blog in Literature / Literary Category – City Buoy by Nyl Lim
Best Blog in Personal/Diary Category – by Yoshke Dimen
Best Photoblog – Gerryruiz Photoblog by Gerry Ruiz
Best Blog in Social, Politics and History – The Pro Pinoy Project by The Pro Pinoy Project
Best Blog in Sports – Filipino Boxing Journal by Kenneth Ragpala
Best Blog in Technology Category – My Silly Point of View by Richard D. Feraro
Best Blog in Travel Cateogry – Just Wandering by Nina Fuentes
Best Blog in Video and Podcasts – Pinoy How To by Buddy and Yael Gancenia


Best Blog Design – The Reluctant Stylista
Bloggers’ Choice Award – CHKSLG
Readers’ Choice Award – Green Archers
Best Filipiniana Blog – My Sarisari Store
Top Blog Post for 2010 – Do They Read Blogs in Heaven? by

Top Posts for 2010
EXCLUSIVE: GMA Breaks Her Silence by the Professional Heckler
Sometimes We Are Lost by I am Fickle Cattle.
Fireworks, Hormones and this Blog Post by

Top Photo Posts for 2010
A Solo Traveler’s Photo Story of Backpacking in Palawan by Ambot Ah!
Pahiyas Festival by Biyaheng Pinoy

Top Video Posts and Podcasts for 2010
Krimmy Couple: Of Bad Words and Saranghae by My Korean Boyfriend
Podcast 6: Being Friends with the Ex by Ria Jose
Krimmy Couple: The Korean Eats Balut by My Korean Boyfriend


This photo is taken for @patringsanjose who has a crush on Yoshke. He won three awards in ONE NIGHT!

The Professional Heckler who won two awards on that night, and three years of winning. Hall-of-famer!

This year, many awards were added to an already comprehensive roster of awards, take for an example the Top Posts, Vidcasts, and Podcasts award. If you want to see who made it as finalists for this year, check this out.

Giving away prizes…

Cerebral Orgasm

The event was well full of bloggers of all kind, ranging from personal to business to advocacy bloggers. PhBA proved to be an institution even only in four years existence. After the awarding ceremonies, several bloggers remained for raffle (read: Nokia X3, Kota Kinabalu, and Beijing.) Apparently I’m never lucky in that kind of things. Host and PhBA co-founder Jayvee Fernandez is roll calling, and he’s just cute like that!

Kapitalista. What I wore.

Obligatory Outfit Post

I feel welcomed by these people who are well-established in the Philippine blogging scene. Some of which are even earning through the interwebs. One thing though is that they stay humble, even the number of awards they won, number of mentions in media, number of followers that consume their stuff, and some, number of dollars they earn. Not only I learned that Philippines has a good foundation in the blogosphere, but I learned also that I can actually be friends with these people on and off the line.

Channeling John Lennon. I now know where to buy these! Thanks to I-don’t-remember-his-name, my new blogger friend!

Thanks to Kuya Tonyo for introducing me to several people that night, made a lot of friends indeed. And I hope to see y’all again. I want to announce that some of the bloggers are holding an informal event on the 15th Monito Monito Tweetup. Everyone is encouraged to attend, meet old and new friends, bring two gifts – one for a fun exchange gift, and another for the PGH Pediatric Cancer Ward, and be in the spirit of giving.

Let’s all be in the true spirit of Christmas this Holiday Season. Advance Merry Christmas and happy blogging to us all!


The Holiday Shopping Calendar

The Christmas Rush is upon us.

Malls actually spend more kilowatt hours to accommodate late shoppers, traffic is REALLY horrible after six, your favorite item in the sale section is already sold, and you’re fat trying to avoid the shortage that is the Starbucks planner. So here’s a repost from to help you plan that shopping cum cramming. Call it a little charity for my loyal readers. Hey, shopping should be fun, and help you destress, and not cause you to lose the Christmas spirit! Happy Holidays everyone!


Still rushing to buy holiday giveaways and Christmas gifts? Here’s a list of the metro’s shopping centers and their holiday operating hours, perfect for your last-minute after work shopping or a late night mall run.

Check out movies showing in Alabang Town Center
Alabang Town Center customer service hotline: (632) 772-1860

Check out movies showing in Gateway Mall
Check out movies showing in Ali Mall
Araneta Center operations administration hotline: (632) 911-3101 local 8396 and 8313

Check out movies showing in Eastwood City Walk
Eastwood City hotline: 709-9888, 709-0888

Check out movies showing in Glorietta
Glorietta customer service hotline: (632) 752-7272, (632) 813-3393

Check out movies showing in Greenbelt
Customer service hotline: 757-4853 to 54 (Greenbelt 3), 729-8684 (Greenbelt 5)

Check out movies showing in Greenhills
Greenhills Shopping Center hotline: (632) 7210572

Landmark Makati customer service hotline: (632) 810-9990 local 2161

Check out movies showing in Market! Market!
Market! Market! customer service hotline: (632) 886-7519, (632) 889-8361

Check out movies showing in The Podium
The Podium customer service hotline: 638-9781 to 85, 633-6128

Check out movies showing in The Podium
Power Plant Mall customer service hotline: (632) 898-1702

Check out movies showing in Robinsons Galleria
Robinsons Galleria Customer service hotline: (632) 397-1888 local 690

Check out movies showing in Robinsons Place Manila
Robinsons Place Manila customer service hotline: (632) 302-0000

Serendra customer service hotline: (632) 856-0523

Check out movies showing in Shangri-La Plaza
Shangri-La Plaza customer service hotline: (632) 633-7851 to 60 local 113

SM Makati customer service hotline: (632) 810-7777

Check out movies showing in SM Megamall
SM Megamall customer service hotline: (632) 633-5043 to 46

Check out movies showing in SM Mall of Asia
SM Mall of Asia customer service hotline: (632) 556-0680

Check out movies showing in SM City North EDSA
SM City North EDSA customer service hotline: (632) 929-6686 to 89

Check out movies showing in SM Southmall
SM Southmall customer service hotline: (632) 800-0429

Tiendesitas customer service hotline: (632) 386-3927

Check out movies showing in TriNoma
TriNoma Mall customer service hotline: (632) 901-3000, (632) 901-3690 to 94

Note: Mall schedules subject to change without prior notice.

* Happy Shopping y’all!

DIY Therapy

TV Therapy.

This is your show, this is your time.

We’re actually in TV, not watching TV. My classmates thought of watching the late morning-turned-noontime show Showtime in the ABS-CBN studios, and yes though not really a fan of, I came.

The 110 Gang!

This one's for my sister who loves Ryan Bang!

JNVR x Karylle Tatlong Hari. She actually had to bend, has skyscraper heels kasi, teehee.

I actually realized the effort put in TV shows like these. Not only by contestants, but by crew and staff also. The effort to keep people alive and happy, to also keep the viewers in the other end of the tube alive and happy. Bored at some points, but with friends, it was a pleasant experience all-in-all. It dawned to me, however, that I can’t stand to watch a straight show without looking at my tweets and SMS. So yeah, watching again would take quite some while now.


Bookstore Therapy.

I am tempted to buy but I still have unopened ones.

Addition to the growing book wishlist. Refer to Pageturners section please :)

The bookstore never fails to soothe my senses and/or keep me occupied especially when waiting for company. While waiting for Nechane, my eyes were again at the shelves, and always tempted to break a rule and snap shots of titles I plan to buy. Worse, I finished skimming cover to cover Photo You Magazine. *Now which reminds me, dSLR… sigh* Aaaah, the smell of paper and ink. Indeed, random trips to the bookstore is a treat to your soul. Chos!

No to vampire-undead fiction anymore. Please.

F&F Therapy.

Galit sa grill?! Haha!

Friends and food is always a good idea! It’s the Holidays, and all we can think of are reunions, catching-up dinners, shopping-then-dinner-dates, Dinner-then-parties; whatever it is in between, it will always be food – brunch, dinner, merienda, tusok-tusok, name it. We Filipinos love to eat. And you just can’t hide it!

Japanese a la Jonver, feeling chef at Yakimix, Tomas Morato. Chos!

Strawberry x Chocolate x Marshies

We were planning to grab Matcha Korichio from nearby Kozui, but would never want to be a glutton, wouldn’t we?

This Holidays, whether you’re working, studying for boards, having classes, or just bummed to the brim, take a break, indulge in a DIY therapy. Go out for once a while, catch up with friends, have fun. Be creative, there are tons of things to do, even in minimum expense. After all, it’s what the Holidays are for – Reconnecting.

Il fait bon vivre,
It’s good to be alive,


Actually it’s

The famed clothing company inspired by Urban Patriotism and Francis M‘s music, image, and advocacies launched it’s official online shopping portal, moving from the original Multiply shop set up by the Master Rapper himself, Francis Magalona with collaborators Carlo Maniquiz, Itoy Villajin, and Willy Velasquez. Now runned by the Magalonas and the same collaborators, Francis M Clothing Company (FMCC) brings their products accessible to all the Philippine Islands and the world —

It was on soft launch on December 6, as tweeted by Saab. Some things are still rough on the edges so she tweeted…

And I see that it’s still up by now. I suppose it’s functional already. Featuring the future of the Tee —

Men’s Collection.

Women’s Collection.

Now offering bags also. accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Saab tweeted about DHL, so I again suppose they’re delivering via DHL.

Learn more about in their blog, terms and conditions, and FAQs.

Come to think of it, this holiday season, this is not a bad gift idea. Spread urban patriotism. Love our own. Represent, yo!

* I feel the need to disclose some details here. I am not paid for this entry and also not in connection with the Magalonas, nor the management of FMCC. But yes, I am in love with FMCC designs, Saab, and the Mags.

* Have fun shopping for the Holidays!

UPDATE: FMCC would be at the Noel Discovery Bazaar in the World Trade Center in Pasay City from December 18-23. See y’all there!

Walk of Fame PH

Well, we all knew of Hollywood’s famous Walk of Fame – the famed sidewalk adorned by stars of stars (now that’s confusing.) It looks like a little like this –

Here’s a list of stars with their names on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This, however, caught my attention some years ago when I saw it on the net.

A star for a puppet, how cute.

Hong Kong and London also have their Walk of Fames, called Avenue of Stars. And so does a separate in Anaheim, though really just relatively near Hollywood.

Walk of Fame in Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City, Philippines. Photo from

Here in the Philippines, it’s been five years since the country witnessed our own Walk of Fame. Located in the chic business and entertainment complex that is Eastwood City in Libis, Quezon City; the Walk of Fame recognizes and aims to immortalize the contribution of artists in the local entertainment scene. Spearheaded by none less than Mr. German Moreno (Walang Tulugaaaaaaaan!) Katipunan ng mga Artistang Pilipino sa Pelikula at Telebisyon (KAPPT) holds a recognition ceremony every 1st of December to welcome new additions to the Walk of Fame.

It is an honor to cover for Ms. Cheche Lazaro (yet again, yes.) It was also the first time I’ve been introduced as a blogger to cover the event. Though dominated by celebrities and artists, this year, however, broadcast journalists and and an athlete were awarded stars and a diverse addition to the Walk. Eastwood City was literally glittering because of the presence of celebrities, both old and young. I can never miss the fact also that it was indeed a fashion orgy also! Check out these —

Press doing their job

Ms. Cheche is always ready, look at that smile!

Effortlessly villainy, Bella Flores with that dress is win-win!

Huntahan: Cheche Lazaro and Korina Sanchez-Roxas, with Jacky Woo on the side

Reminds me of Bellatrix, peace! Eva Eugenio in a tangerine dress

Infective smile from Mr. Excuse-Me-Po, Mike Enriquez

Alin, alin, alin ang naiba? From news to showbiz. Mel Tiangco, Mike Enriquez, and Boy Abunda

Proxy-ing for his father, Oyo Boy Sotto

Freddie Aguilar for Music

Stunning Ms. Manilyn Reynes. Ang innocent niyang tignan

Ms. Imelda Papin, plus Mane's very innocent pose

For Athletics, Master Bowler Paeng Nepomuceno

Tarayan effect? Chos lang! Claire dela Fuente and I can't remember the other girl /sorry

For some reason, some of my shots got corrupted, so that was pretty much. Anyway. There are still more who came and were awarded a star. All in all, local celebrities Sheryl Cruz, Manilyn Reynes, Coco Martin, Jericho Rosales, Ronnie Ricketts, Lani Mercado-Revilla, Diether Ocampo, Athlete Paeng Nepomuceno, Broadcast Journalists Noli de Castro, Mike Enriquez, Korina Sanchez-Roxas, Mel Tiangco, Cheche Lazaro, Jukebox Queens Imelda Papin, Claire dela Fuente, Eva Eugenio, Veteran Actresses Perla Bautista, Bella Flores, Divina Valencia, Sylvia La Torre, Manager and talk show host Boy Abunda, Musician-Composer Freddie Aguilar, deceased celebrities and artists Norma Blancaflor, Johnny Delgado, Julie Vega, and international actor, filmmaker Jacky Woo were awarded of stars that day.

Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu were also awarded but they did not attend the ceremonies because of acting engagements.

There was a controversy on Jacky Woo’s inclusion despite not being a Filipino. Read it all here.

And finally! A photo with Ms. Cheche Lazaro! WOOT! Thanks Jen for the invite. I didn’t have any other photo taken but this one, and I am happy with it! This is definitely the start of something new for this blog. Stay tuned for more!

Starstruck lang ako sa kanya. Photo by The Jen Aquino

I had time to do errands and bills that day, and had dinner with Jen and Fanshen. Had a wonderful time catching up! Hey, you girls owe me a sleepover!


The obligatory outfit post

Photo by The Jen Aquino. Hey let’s do this often.

Again, I was covering for Ms. Cheche, that’s why her star was the only saved from the massive file corruption —

Congratulations to this year’s newest additions to the Walk of Fame Philippines! Let your star shine!

Anawangin Shoot

I ditched a couple of important things for a friend. I can’t say no! First, it was for a friend, and second it was Anawangin. I’ve been planning all-year round to go here and finally I had!

SCTEX, 6 a.m.

Obligatory Caffeine

If thsi greets you in the morning, and does not make you feel good, I don't know what.

All set!

Well, as I said, it was for a friend. She has this fashion shoot project in CSB. The concept was High Fashion x Nature. Like Island x Couture. The clothes are of FDM student Jerry Evangelio, shots (official ones) by Alecks Mutuc and Marion Kitazawa, modelling by Haydee Garcia (who looks like Marian Rivera), part-styling, part-direction, and full-force production assistance by yours truly, Jonver David :P

Secluded. Network signal just forbade us.

Styling the very beautiful Haydee.

At some point, it looks like Baguio there!



Marion. And the magic make-up kit.

"Gimme FIERCE." - Marion, Alecks.

We had other photos, but they were with the photographers! Watch out for them fierce pictures :)

We didn’t stay at the island, though we would love to. We weren’t ready so we practically had no choice. Anawangin deserves a second visit though. I’ll bring tent, charcoal, grillables, and flip-flops. The next time around, I hope.

Yes, I forgot my flops.

Definitely will be going back! Photo by Marion

Hey I had some few keepers —

The almost-silhouette of the banca against the sun is perfect!

Doomsday-looking sunset.

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Holiday Wishlist v1.1 -verybratofme

I tried to restrain myself but obviously I can’t. So here goes an extended wishlist for the holidays – even though it’s 20 items already! /brat

Fancy notebook. Or if you will ask me, from a specialty store (i.e. Powerbooks, Fully Booked, Scribe, Papemelrotti, you get that, don’t you?) Or if you really love me, get me a Moleskin!

Since books are included in my first wishlist, a bookmark is just so appropriate. Especially this one ^


From / Contact for orders...for me :))

A camera lens tumbler. So chica!

This size, in two-fold design. And yes, you may give me D&G ❤

Leather wallet. 3/4 of the regular horizontal type, two-fold, white or black. Or you can give me knitted coin purses, I really love those!

Taylor Swift concert tickets!


This is the work of Nice job!

A year worth of membership for WordPress.

Driving classes.

Teach me how to ride a bike! Seriously, I can’t. I’m the nerdy kid who plays Nintendo all the time I was actually a child and even when I’m all grown up. So yes, teach me.

Having biking mentioned, I want to bike the whole Batanes shoreline!

And just have a happy, productive, and fulfilled 2011.

Now let’s all have that!