A few weeks ago, I received a letter, no — a note, from one of the icons of integrity of Philippine journalism, thanking me for my heads up on vintage car plates on Cubao X. It was on her penmanship, it has her letterhead, ’til I realized it was her official personalized stationery. It was so cute! I am too shy to post the note itself though.

Well, hours ago, I was in her kitchen and I was devouring the creamiest chocolate cake ever (I think it was made of Valrhona, hmmm.) It was a long story how I ended up here, but it was a one-of-a-kind experience with her!

In fact, I was so busy being starstruck by her, I didn’t remember to have a picture with her! So nakakahiya!  I was like staring at her while smiling. For a short time, the sun shone in the middle of the night. Her letter, the cake, and the most spacious kitchen I’ve ever seen will always bring a memory of her rushing back to me.

Thank you Ms. Che Che Lazaro for the most wonderful time, and it is an honor to meet you in person. Killer, thanks for tagging me along your errand, it was tons of fun!


Ako ay isang certified CheChemon!

2 responses to “CheChemon

  1. You ate cake with THE Cheche Lazaro??? In her kitchen??? Are you kidding me??? OK, now I officially envy you! Can’t imagine what I will do if I were you. I’ll probably be shocked and drooling! Ha ha!

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