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I can’t do today without blogging this ♥

from saabmagalona.tumblr.com

Happy birthday to my, ehem, crush… Ms. Saab Magalona. Click the link and greet her via Twitter.


from saabmagalona.tumblr.com

And oh! She’s the same date with her sister, Maxene Magalona! Have a good one, too!



It’s been one year since the darkest and largest political killing in the history of the Philippines had happened. Now we remember. Now, we fight for justice.

No day but today

I’m in my regular movie night, and the movie for this night is Rent from the play of the same name, same name which popularized the song Seasons of Love.

Rent is the story of a different view of NYC – of homeless people and of people with HIV. The story of people striving to survive life, people who have done something, people trying to live. Here, we meet Mark and his friends. Mark is a frustrated filmmaker. Roger is an ex-singer with HIV who wants to write a song before passing away. Collins and Angel have HIV, too and are attending life support group sessions. Maureen and Joanne love each other… romantically. Mimi is addicted to drugs, and is HIV positive. Together they tell the story of Bohemian New York City. Together they tell the story of wanting to make it big; of loving… no matter what – unbounded by sex, society, and self; of surviving day by day; and of paying the rent.


It is the picture of life. It’s true. This movie (adapted from theater) teaches what life is really about to us. It tells us that… Life is about making it big (career), loving no matter what (love), surviving (disease in any context), and paying the rent (responsibilities). Everyday is a risk, everyday is a chance. Life is a whirlwind romance. Life is a competitive world. Life is an unfair world. Life is hard. Life is all these things weaved into a completely fashionable dress that we wear everyday. But despite the painful corset and the skyscraper heels, you wear it. Because it’s, after all, still all good.


I want to live today. I want to make it big. I want to love no matter what. I want to survive. I want to pay the rent. I want to live… no day but today.


I wish more movies were this true.