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Four years.

* In the background is the closing of popular rock station in the country, NU107, the home of new rock. Memories came to visit me then. Anyway, for those not familiar with this, the Starbucks planner is acquired through completing sticker books which vary in the number of stickers required each year. Sometimes you acquire them as gifts :)


Four years of planners. Four years of memories.

It’s been four years when a friend gave me a Starbucks planner for a birthday gift. Up to date, it has inculcated a culture to collect these Christmas pieces of self-gratification. It was the constant source of unexpected expenses, caffeine overload, meetings in the cafe instead of the university pavilion, and a perfect excuse to hang out more with friends.

Then memories came rushing by. With NU107 doing the sad stuff, it’s carrying me away. With each planner are bits of memories shared with family, friends, strangers, enemies and myself. I’ve found myself lost in the last four years – wow! It’s been that long. Now I’ve realized, it’s my academic chronicle, as I’m graduating this year.


2007 Black Leather Planner

My first “thick” planner is from Kuya Roy, whom I’ve now lost contact with. It’s a piece of good memory I carried from AMA (long story) before I came to FEU.


2007, design and insides. Business feel, yet personal.

In the corner of my mind, I’m being mature and grown-up with me lugging a planner with leather cover that reads Starbucks Coffee (chos!) It carried schedules, notes to self, and mostly rants when it’s the only paper available. I was committed to an org then.


2008 Brown Leather Earth-toned Planner

The next year, I make it a point to have it early enough to write on almost all the pages (OC!) I had it on the 7th of December with the help of 13 friends.

2008, design and insides. Playful, Korean-ish, more personal.

It was also the first time I had a palpitation that lasted for almost half a day just so because I pushed in a shot of espresso after drowning myself from a Venti Peppermint Mocha (which has three shots already, I think.) After then, I fall asleep with coffee. This planner (going back) is very Korean to note.

2009 Red Hard-bound Planner

This I got on a March also, and it came with a sling bag as a consolation which didn’t last a month with me. Anyway, I partly got disappointed with it because it’s red, and I don’t like blue, and black is just so Me… and it’s late. But it had one of the best designs. Don’t judge the book by its cover. Very… minimalist!

2009, design and insides. Back to business feel, motivational and minimalist.

It’s minimalist and it’s motivational. Like modern meets postmodern. The dates that usually end up crunching in half the space when in fact you have to right plenty of stuff there (usually weekends) are kind of a disappointment. But this still is my favorite.

2010 Gamuza-feel Coffee-themed Planner

And it reels back to now *right now, DJs are crying over the air, NU107, you are loved, and continually to be loved.* My least favorite, but among the three designs available, I chose the espresso shot (the others are coffee beans, and bean on the grinder.) This is also the planner that I collaborated with friends Michael, Trixie, and Angel to have.


2010, design and insides. Everything coffee. Oh look! ARMI'S SIGNATURE :) ♥

So far, this is the most memorable, second to the gift. It has been nights going on waiting for each other in the Gateway branch. It makes me miss those times we spend just blabbing about our day, having each other as our journal. Waiting til the store closes just so because one of us is not yet there. Diaspora to Trinoma and Ali Mall branches are sometimes necessary, to which is spacier ’cause Starbucks is just filled to the brim most of the time. Ah, good times.

It may be luxury to others, it’s elitist to some, and a total waste of time, money, and health to a number of people. I can skip doing this, and find an equally fashionable alternative. But tradition is tradition. I guess, when you formed a habit, it’s that difficult to defeat yourself. And yes, I like this year’s design. Homey, isn’t it:

2011 pieces of self-gratification.

Yes it is  a constant source of unexpected expenses to the point of being bankrupt. Yes it is an excuse to be drunk with caffeine. Yes it is an alibi to have meetings in the cafe instead of the university pavilion even if it’s cheaper there. And yes, always a perfect excuse to hang out more with friends.

Let’s do this! :)