Cleaning and Asthma

My room looks like this and this is normal, really.

At least I can breathe a lil’ better now. But I have rashes on the face.

For the longest time, every time I try to hunt dust bunnies I had the same physiologic reaction over and over again – asthma. I’ve been asthmatic since a kid.

So in my effort to keep my bronchioles dilated, I try to minimize the trash in my room. But I guess with thesis just happened and me bumming around because I hate having difficulties breathing, dust bunnies infested the room (no pictures though :P)

Meet Let. She’s the daughter of our former laundry lady. Mom hires her every weekend to clean the house (’cause she has asthma too) and to help her support her family. I won’t go yada yada about whatnot, mkay? Anyway, today, she fought dust bunnies with all cleaning prowess. I envy her asthma-free lungs. She dusts while I move and organize things. Oh dust! I hate you!

I've been refusing to have my things moved. But today i budged. Good riddance, dust bunnies.

So there, I’m here lying in my bed, trying to breathe while downloading BB apps and listening to NU107. Thanks Let!


My clean room. Thanks Let!


2 responses to “Cleaning and Asthma

  1. Ayaaan, maaliwalas na. Congrats! Regaluhan mo sa pasko si Let. hulog siya ng langit.

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