Random Thoughts

1. It’s my last semester in the university, and I only have one subject. It runs from 7am to 5pm. And I mean that. My sched reads boredom, and my serotonin levels are so high, I can’t keep my head up for neuron-killing didactics on nursing leadership and management. Gawd, how far is March?!


Huling first day high ko sa Piyu. Bakit andameng taooo?

2. I got a postpaid line. In the benefit of the promo WiMax that I acquired last summer, the requirements for me to have a postpaid phone line goes down to having a valid ID. No proofs of billing and financial capacity needed, thank God! I’m just saying. It’s actually tipid to have Super Plan (Php 349 for Unlitxt all month) than having to register to Unlitxt80 for six times a month, which would be Php 480.

3. It is the last week of NU107 on air. I’m actually listening to it right now, the home of all things rock. I’m really not a radio person, I learned to listen to the radio when stations began giving away concert tickets and I realized Rock Ed radio was actually fun. I am listening through my new Samsung E2121 which came free with my postpaid line. NU107 plays such good thinking music. Follow them here.

My radio and music player

4. I actually overspent in La Union and Baguio. So I’m staying indoors up to the next two weeks, ’til I get my allowance. It’s actually nice to stay at home with the weather, Grey’s Anatomy Season 7, and NU 107. I need financial management skills.

5. It’s November and everywhere is so Christmassy. Can’t we Filipinos just be in time? LOL. I’m so the grinch. It’s too soon I think, and Christmas songs make me sad more than it makes me the other way around. I’m so the grinch.


Forest House in Christmas mode. So sooooon. This was Halloween.

6. I will finish the Diary of Anne Frank in a while now. Then I can read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I hate to but I hate leaving books I bought unread also. The Twilight series can be a mindf*ck if you’re no longer love drunk. I can’t wait to read classics after though.

I have a thing for the holocaust.

7. I ranked 38th in class. Out of 44. But as far as I still have a big chance of bagging a Latin honor, I’m happy. And I do have! I don’t care for grades, ’cause it’s so high school, and what’s the use if you lose all others in expense of it. For my last semester in college, I choose to continue to have fun with actually learning. A striking balance between work and play, but of course, we’ll see. Basta never akong magiging GC. Because, again, it’s just so high school.

8. What do you think of my blog? It has been one of the causes of midnight depression for two days now. I wish it has not been a bore for y’all readers. Oh-kaaaaay. It’s not yet midnight, save that for later :(

9. I ate McDo chicken fillet for dinner last night. And breakfast, and for lunch early today. Don’t stare at my hips, it’s cheap, and it’s filling. And it helps me get over spontaneous depressions. Please cholesterol, do not block my arteries :)

Death by McDonald’s Ad

10. It’s planner season once again. Even though I told myself, I will find new planners for this year, I think I can’t resist these babies. I just have to have the metal-ish one! Here goes Starbucks diet.

Sixteen to go!

My Holiday Tradition

Aside from the Starbucks Planner 2011, Christmas season officially starts December, please?

Oh! My download just finished. Grey’s Anatomy S07E01!


3 responses to “Random Thoughts

  1. 1. Your blog is not boring. But your theme is. Haha! :3
    2. Blame those pseudo-Doc Martens for the overspending. Walang kasalanan ang Baguio City sa’yo. :D
    3. I thought of getting one of those Starbucks Planners but I think I’d just go broke before I could even get my hands on the planner. But the red one looks nice :(

    Miss you! Hope your bronchioles would get better

    • Thanks thanks sistah! I needed the pats-on-the-back. Wait. That sounded a number of “Pat” on my back. Oh well, corny :) It costs 17 drinks only! Hahaha, I hope I’ll get one. It’s kinda my Christmas tradition.

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