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Last Sembreak Part II: San Juan, La Union

I am back home, and I don’t know where to start. It has been the closing of an amazing October for me, the fulfillment of a sembreak wish, and a seemingly wonderful time with friends, old and new.

So here goes.

Just so when I thought after all the fuss with some schoolmates (which I deliberately and nonchalantly will not disclose,) I would be stuck at home, sleeping, waking up, pigging out, and doing series and movie marathons ’til I realized it’s yet time again for school. But I guess, there is something good in waiting.

On the way to Philippine Fashion Week, Ame told me I can join them in La Union, and oh boy was it the start of a splendid weekend – no! – SEMBREAK. You can also say Halloween or Oktoberfest for that matter.

Then off I packed my clothes, camera, and Anne Frank in two bags, headed to Taft to meet them. Dinner, then tough wait for the bus (Undas season tells us we’d wait for two hours for a ride,) and La Union here we come! Took two pitstops and this is what greeted us in La Union:

Stayed here for half an hour. And you might say that, yes, it's one nice music-video-ish spot.


Doesn't this remind you of Little House in the Prairie?

Knowing them photography majors, shutterbugs tweaked, angled, and, clicked happily at the site.

Creative shot by moi. I just have to have. Via point-and-shoot.

Paid a visit to their friend’s relative, shot some photos, and off to the shore.

San Juan is a known surfing destination in the north.

Our friend James learning to...

I have my story to tell for these rock formations.

Click, click, click some more.

Ame's such a shutterbug.

I told Ame that the vantage in the peninsula-looking rock formation at the far end of the beach would be amazing. The daredevil in me wanted to reach as far as the waves are fierce. I tripped, almost lost one of my flops, and I lost my white wayfarers, errrr.


I love this shot of Ame. Taken by moi.

I went farther than this. Photo's with my chums. And I lost that white wayfarer, errrrr.

Oh well the adrenaline was shooting up, I couldn’t care anymore. It seems though that I’m not the only one in daredevil-in-adrenaline mode. Somebody just almost drowned.

When you really are enjoying, it really seems that time flies by very fast. But this sunset is something to look (read: shoot *click, click, click*) forward to.

The beach turns into one big bar-party place. It’s Halloween, beach style!


Takutan na! Go Migs!

Ito ang konsepto ng Halloween ni Ame.

Booze, bands and horn-bands all over. Oktobefest naaaaaa!

Nothing to comment on the food, though. Normal beach grilled stuff. But I was surprised to see Davao recipes at up north. Sinuglaw is tocino and grilled pork, kilawin style.

Before I knew it, it was time for me to bid goodbye. I must be on my way to Baguio to meet someone. And no, it’s not somebody referred to as boy/girlfriend, just so you know.

I miss the beach, the sunrise/set, CSB people, and sembreak! It’s sad that this does not happen everyday. It was just so fun! *sob*

Next stop: The Summer Capital.