Break to Dawn

My friend Louis the Lobster has a band called Diachroma.

They’re this kind of indie experimental-rock-fusion college band manned by high school friends. Their music has been heard on various radio stations, gigs, and events. Last Saturday, they released their first EP Break to Dawn.

Hanna and I were invited by Lobster to watch their launch, and yes it was a blast! Actually, it’s a relaunch. The first planned venue was on Sazi’s near UST and FEU. Some glitch happened, and it was postponed. The relaunch night was hosted by Club Dredd in Eastwood.

Several other bands were front acts that night — Dolzura, Kuwago, Curbside Philippines, The Jensen Gomez Experience, Sempiterna and Glukoze. All were indie bands, as Diachroma is, and some Diachroma played with at some gigs.

All the bands that night were indie bands too who play really diverse genres of music. On the other hand, I was thrilled when I heard Diachroma play an acoustic piece.

And of course, regular Diachroma servings. Be ready to be blown away. Our friend Lobster on Bass.

Our friend Xai was also there, with her friend Stef. Go Tamaraws!

EP: Break to Dawn is available for PhP100/CD. You can contact Diachroma via their Facebook account (please click link.)

Congratulations again to Diachroma for a very successful re-Launch! Godspeed to y’all! And oh, also catch them at this:

They’ll be playing with UP DHARMA DOWN!!!!! Oh my! I am stoked!

Let us patronize local Filipino music! Listen, promote, love!


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