Last Sembreak Part I

This has been the shortest semestral break ever. And has it not been for Thesis, it would be at least longer. My last sembreak is spent on chasing professors for signatures and spending extra money on thesis books. And after last week, I found myself in the hospital scurrying for OB cases for the board exam on July. Goodbye, savings.

Good thing TV and internet is always free. These saved me from sleeping the whole day (which I planned on doing ever since the Finals had kicked in.) The Grey’s Anatomy marathon that I’ve been waiting to do and some good movies, to top it off, had finally materialized. Also Glee! I’ve been wanting to watch The Big Bang Theory and Gossip Girl but time just ran out.

Yes, I also took a blogging hiatus. I wanted to relax and all the time was spent in series and movie marathons, reading books and blogs, and some night outs. Speaking of night outs, I had time to catch up with working friends and a few gigs of friends with bands.

It would also be nice if I have more time to sleep since it’s VERY hard to come by especially that we are graduating students. Thank God Thesis is already done, and I can now rest my mind from worrying for defense, panelists and, the final book. However, it would be a very wasted sembreak if it would be spent only on sleeping the whole day. Hibernation much?

My ideal sembreak would be an out-of-town trip, parties, and some good ol’ me time. But I guess when you grow up, it’s just not the same. Now, you have to spend shorter vacations and longer time for serious matters. More work, less play.

Welcome to the real world.

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