More FrancisM and FMCC

Continued from here.

Since the gallery is already done, I think I can spoil you with more FrancisM memorabilia. And more Saab shots, too.

The Spindicate Posse

The Kiko Wardrobe

Song sheets.


More awards.

My favorite photo taken by him.

Toy and comic collection. And in this I drool.

Stalk shot? Hehe.

October 8 – B-side performances and more Outerspace.

There were a lot of people in line for the gallery, good thing I was able to go in the opening. But it was still cool. There’s a tattoo artist that I didn’t have the opportunity to take a picture of.

I wasn’t able to watch the B-side show because I have papers to finish for school. Yes, bummer, I know :(

As promised, Saab pictures! These were during her interview with Showbiz Central. She looks so cute here :)

This is my favorite shot of the night ❤❤❤

I was really ready to go home without meeting her personally, but then she went out and I was able to take another picture. This picture so simple could pass a stint.

I was able to introduce my self — FINALLY! — and talk to her. Uber nice and accommodating! Plus she’s really really pretty up close and personal. I love her voice, her get up… yeah I would not burden you to hear me fanboying here.

Tee courtesy of Orange Mag and FMCC! Grazie!

Thank you to Orange Mag for having me at the event. Also for this complimentary shirt from FMCC. I hope I can stay longer that day, but hey there’s still more to come I guess.

Ciao for now! :)


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  1. thanks for the blog! mabuhay!

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