A whole lotta lovin’

Yesterday was the birthday of the late — and great — Francis Magalona, fondly Kiko the Master Rapper.

Filipinize the whole world: The birth of urban patriotism

It was the celebration of the fourth anniversary of Francis Magalona Clothing Company (FMCC) and the 46th birthday of the Man from Manila. The event was held in Outerspace Gallery in The Collective in Makati City.

Upon arriving at the venue, these bboys are starting to heat up the dance floor. In memoriam of the breakdancer himself. Do the funk!

He was known as a breakdancer, rapper, rockstar, actor, TV host, photographer, entrepreneur and loving father among others. The gallery showed memorabilia,  artifacts, awards, and photography he made when he was still alive. Indeed he was a multi-faceted artist and person.

Featured also was photographs he took, being a self-professed phoography junkie. A number of it used in various magazines, and some won awards.

He started FMCC four years ago carrying the 3 Stars & A Sun brand and design. Francis Magalona, a patriot at heart, is a herald of Filipino art and culture.

Ms. Pia and the kids spotted.

AND YES! SAAB MAGALONA! Now everyone knows that I really have a huge crush on her. Fulfillment! A photo with crush ng bayan Saab.

Totally a Fanboy!

I won’t show much of the gallery ’cause I want you to head over The Collective and see them for yourselves. Toy and comic collections, and some outfits can also be seen in the gallery, but you’re better off to see them yourselves! Gallery is up until October 8.

October 5, 6, 7 – 12NN – 9PM

October 8 – 4PM – 12MN

There will be performances from Gloc9, Pinups, DJ Rye, Ill-J, Nimbus 9, J-Rad, and MC Dash among others plus spend the night also with the Mags at B-side on October 8, Friday.

Long live FrancisM! Long live the Filipinos! Filipinize the whole world!

Love your color.


4 responses to “A whole lotta lovin’

  1. looks kool! thanks for the info. :-)

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  3. C’mon, now I have a reason to wish I wasn’t in Baguio City.

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