How to start your October right…

…is to watch John Mayer live in Manila!

Even though it rained hard, rain stopped, then rained harder – you just cannot not watch him flirt with his guitar and do that head-over-heels hot singing. No, not even a hurricane can make my super Mayer fan friend Hanna and me from the MOA concert grounds. No not ever.

It started with a light rain – almost a drizzle.

And then it rained real hard. This was not the perfect time for rain.

But it stopped… then rained again… then stopped… Oh how finicky is the weather, of all days!

The amazing heads on the bar.

We mind being wet, mind you. But for the love of John Mayer. Yes we were wet — hoodies up!

Featuring Hanna's tonsils.

It actually NEARLY became an auditory experience. Umbrellas everywhere. And we are in the bronze seats. So these are the closest photos we had.

If this would qualify

from Hanna's camera.

But it was all worth it, hearing him live – do guitars, different guitars; sing; and say Kahmuhstah kayow?

He did Glee! Or can be a Journey cover also.

Gravity had the longest time of performance. That bass work, Mayer, is killing us! Kill us more!

John Mayer, you made October sooooo right.


2 responses to “How to start your October right…

  1. Thank you for featuring my tonsils, and thanks for coming with me to this unforgettable concert!

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