UTUBE: The green campus goes GREENER

This poster has been all over my school for quite a while. I remembered quickly my UAAP post and how I said it’s prolly the single thing I like about the green-and-gold campus. Well, this is one swallowing that I will do. Because I really love this thing called environmentalism.

Lo and behold – UTUBE: Use your own TUmbler and Baonan for the Environment program spearheaded by Tamaraw Volunteers (TamVol) and FEU Central Student Organization (FEUCSO).

My friend Hanna told me that she saw this and has been propagated in Facebook by former FEUCSO president and batchmate Ramon Roxas as a campaign for “Environmental Advocacy Policies” in the campus. This program encourages students to use their own tumblers and lunch containers to reduce the waste inside the campus.

Moreover, UTUBE appeared to be and, actually is just a part of a larger plan to save the environment from unneeded waste and yes, the nerdy Global Warming, the FEU way. I want to believe that this is a legacy to leave in a campus that speaks and shouts green – We are going GREENER!

Anyway, according to Roxas’ Facebook account this is the plan:

Environment 101:
Phase 1 – NESSA Policy (No Entry of Styro and Straw Advocacy) for a styro and straw free Campus.
Phase 2 – UTUBE Policy ( Use your own TUmbler and Baonan for the Environment)- Discounted Prices with every use of Tumbler and/or Baonan.
Phase 3 – BUSS Policy ( Banning on the Use of Styro and Straw at FEU) alternative use of white/brown paper plates.
*Mechanics, Description, Penalties Hidden for documentation purposes.- To Be posted soon

This will be implemented first week of October this year, and that is right about now.

I am particularly glad that FEU stands up to the other meaning of green other than a color to don on UAAP – to care for our environment, to save our earth, to preserve this place for future generations. I hope that in this little way our school did to promote environmentalism, schools, as well as other institutions will also see the need to be greener and also have a legacy in saving a beautiful place such as our own planet – Earth.

Way to go FEU!

Getting ready myself

Here is my tumbler. No baonan pa. Hmmmmm where to buy?


2 responses to “UTUBE: The green campus goes GREENER

  1. This is a wonderful post and may be one to be followed up to see what happens

    A colleague sent this link the other day and I will be eagerly waiting your next write. Keep on on the first-class work.

  2. Awsome article Waiting for more info buddy !!

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