School Spirit

Well, okay, not all of the time I had school spirit, but now that I’m about to graduate and leave FEU and every green and gold that it has, I want that, for the last time, I give my last cheer.

Tamaraw v Eagle crowd

I may have lots of matters to deal with my university but when we talk about UAAP, it’s always a different matter. And I never watched basketball out of UAAP. And I always thought that FEU has the cheeriest cheerdance team ever. This year, FEU was the team to beat.

We started out good

I am so positive this year, that this is somehow a graduation gift for my batch, to bring back the crown the Tamaraw basketball team has long desired and lost — from the alma mater I almost loved only because of UAAP. (Okay, just read on.)

Tweetveraging during the game

But today, being the day that I will give my last cheer, with all the notes my vocal chords can hit, we have failed. I do not blame them, of course. It’s just… sad.

We started strong this season, by being on the top. We were twice to beat this season — and yes, true enough, we were beaten twice. Ateneo must have reserved a secret weapon (that Kirk that kept on shooting suave hoops and keep on being pushed also) and after a tight, blood-pressure-rising, heated, and well-fought game, Ateneo claimed it’s third title in a row.

Massive confetti litter

To Ateneo, congratulations you have earned it fair and square. To our Tamaraws — you have given those birds a hard time to get this far. You have fought well. Yes, sad, but there will be always another season. I would have preferred that I’m still a student when you bring home the bacon, but that no can do anymore.


I just always wondered, how come Ateneo was so prepared to win that day — from the grand halftime break performance (that had me, “are they singing their anthem already?”) to the largest confetti cannons that I saw! A lil’ bit overconfident? I hope not though :)

This can shadow all pain

Now let me get back to my papers, and yes I WANT TO WATCH THAT DAMN GOOD CONCERT OF JOHN MAYER. By hook or by crook, for the love of John Mayer!

See y’all!


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