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Summer in the Rain

While it was torrentially raining outside, Philippine Fashion Week definitely made it smoking hot with showcasing Spring-Summer Collection 2011.

Thanks to my fabulous friend Jen Aquino and her designer chum Mr. Ricky Abad, we had coveted tickets to the runway and our evening made hotter by fresh new designs from topnotch fashion luminaries in the Philippines, and of course sizzling hot models. Deep gratitude for the most sincere sembreak gift ever!

Jen Aquino, Fab Queen of the Runway

So here’s a rundown – Resorts Wear from 50 local designers. Hosted by Ipanema.

Ricky Abad Signature.

Ricky Abad

We managed to go to the next show, thanks to guts and adrenaline, if you know what I mean. Haha! Oh well. Here’s Premiere A collection.

This is the only day I’ll be going to, but I hope I catch more fashion weeks in the future. Since it’s Fashion Week, here are our outfit posts – Ame the Ukay Queen, Trixie the Shirt-and-Jeans girl, and Yours truly the Rocker Geek (or not.) And also this post goes to an equally fashionable lady – Ms. Raisa Solidum.

Special thanks to Mr. Ricky Abad. Jen Aquino, who I miss more by the second, do come home na. And shutterbugs Ame Calix and Trixie Nocillado, let’s have high fashion shoot, now na!

More pictures coming up!

Philippine Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2011 Collection is in SMX Concention Center and is up to October 31, 2010. Schedule right here.

Break to Dawn

My friend Louis the Lobster has a band called Diachroma.

They’re this kind of indie experimental-rock-fusion college band manned by high school friends. Their music has been heard on various radio stations, gigs, and events. Last Saturday, they released their first EP Break to Dawn.

Hanna and I were invited by Lobster to watch their launch, and yes it was a blast! Actually, it’s a relaunch. The first planned venue was on Sazi’s near UST and FEU. Some glitch happened, and it was postponed. The relaunch night was hosted by Club Dredd in Eastwood.

Several other bands were front acts that night — Dolzura, Kuwago, Curbside Philippines, The Jensen Gomez Experience, Sempiterna and Glukoze. All were indie bands, as Diachroma is, and some Diachroma played with at some gigs.

All the bands that night were indie bands too who play really diverse genres of music. On the other hand, I was thrilled when I heard Diachroma play an acoustic piece.

And of course, regular Diachroma servings. Be ready to be blown away. Our friend Lobster on Bass.

Our friend Xai was also there, with her friend Stef. Go Tamaraws!

EP: Break to Dawn is available for PhP100/CD. You can contact Diachroma via their Facebook account (please click link.)

Congratulations again to Diachroma for a very successful re-Launch! Godspeed to y’all! And oh, also catch them at this:

They’ll be playing with UP DHARMA DOWN!!!!! Oh my! I am stoked!

Let us patronize local Filipino music! Listen, promote, love!

More books! Santa, helloooo?

Today, after duty and pseudoenrollment I decided I’d go to the bookstore and look at new books. Extraordinarily, I found myself interested in books adapted in film. The Murakamis are not adapted in film, but it’s a given favorite anytime. It’s just now, though, that I knew that American Psycho is 1.) originally a book, and 2.) written by Bret Easton Ellis. So there. I have to save up for these or…

… receive them as gifts! I so want these for Christmas.

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Last Sembreak Part I

This has been the shortest semestral break ever. And has it not been for Thesis, it would be at least longer. My last sembreak is spent on chasing professors for signatures and spending extra money on thesis books. And after last week, I found myself in the hospital scurrying for OB cases for the board exam on July. Goodbye, savings.

Good thing TV and internet is always free. These saved me from sleeping the whole day (which I planned on doing ever since the Finals had kicked in.) The Grey’s Anatomy marathon that I’ve been waiting to do and some good movies, to top it off, had finally materialized. Also Glee! I’ve been wanting to watch The Big Bang Theory and Gossip Girl but time just ran out.

Yes, I also took a blogging hiatus. I wanted to relax and all the time was spent in series and movie marathons, reading books and blogs, and some night outs. Speaking of night outs, I had time to catch up with working friends and a few gigs of friends with bands.

It would also be nice if I have more time to sleep since it’s VERY hard to come by especially that we are graduating students. Thank God Thesis is already done, and I can now rest my mind from worrying for defense, panelists and, the final book. However, it would be a very wasted sembreak if it would be spent only on sleeping the whole day. Hibernation much?

My ideal sembreak would be an out-of-town trip, parties, and some good ol’ me time. But I guess when you grow up, it’s just not the same. Now, you have to spend shorter vacations and longer time for serious matters. More work, less play.

Welcome to the real world.

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Group 38

In the middle of weaving the English verbatim translations of our thesis, and running around the “happy halls” of the university to scurry for signatories, I suddenly realized one thing – I missed Group 38. My research group.

Thesis has been one hell experience for all of us. And this is my time to apologize for my shortcomings as a leader and thank my group for being SO cooperative despite the many times I messed up this sem. Even though we had conflicts and a lot of misunderstandings, I appreciated that none of them took it personally and we’re now back to regular programming. I am proud of them to be very human enough to admit their mistakes as I also did. I thank God for they never lost faith in me as their research leader, even if I tried to throw it away a couple of times. Trabaho lang, walang personalan, ika nga.

Group 38 is not just a group, it’s barkada. We share our feelings with each other, we help each other in times of trouble, we rejoice together in times of happiness – and most of all study together in times of academic crises :P And even so we bullied each other more often times, the bond that developed already between the group is tight enough to hold us to our dear friendships.

My love-hate relationship with this group simply explains how diverse and exciting each member of the group is. It is comforting to know though that after each and every conflict we have, we always come home to a group stronger so jovial and welcoming. Masyadong masaya ang grupo namen.

It’s our last sembreak, and before we know it, it’s our last semester already in the university. It is sad that we had only little time to be with each other. Amazing how such little time build friendship in us and how it has been one hell of an adventure for all of us so far.

Enjoy your sembreak Group 38, and y’all students out there. See you all this coming semester.

Ella, Ariane, Emma, Dee, Johnel, Grand & Jean, E-anne, Nica, Jhowanne, and Elaine, thank you very much!

With love,


Ame Calix is   u n i n h i b i t e d.

Jonver David © 2010

P.S. I want to have my own dSLR na :|

Sembreak naaaaaaaaa


Hexagon Lounge, 27/August 2010
All rights reserved 2010

Let’s parteeeeeey! :)

P.S. So I am so sorry for lagging a few (not!) posts behind, thesis and finals, and so many academic things going on. I wanted to blog but the lack of time thereof hinders me. Well, all shall end in Wednesday, and I can finally go back to regular programming. Until then, am back to acads mode 8D

More FrancisM and FMCC

Continued from here.

Since the gallery is already done, I think I can spoil you with more FrancisM memorabilia. And more Saab shots, too.

The Spindicate Posse

The Kiko Wardrobe

Song sheets.


More awards.

My favorite photo taken by him.

Toy and comic collection. And in this I drool.

Stalk shot? Hehe.

October 8 – B-side performances and more Outerspace.

There were a lot of people in line for the gallery, good thing I was able to go in the opening. But it was still cool. There’s a tattoo artist that I didn’t have the opportunity to take a picture of.

I wasn’t able to watch the B-side show because I have papers to finish for school. Yes, bummer, I know :(

As promised, Saab pictures! These were during her interview with Showbiz Central. She looks so cute here :)

This is my favorite shot of the night ❤❤❤

I was really ready to go home without meeting her personally, but then she went out and I was able to take another picture. This picture so simple could pass a stint.

I was able to introduce my self — FINALLY! — and talk to her. Uber nice and accommodating! Plus she’s really really pretty up close and personal. I love her voice, her get up… yeah I would not burden you to hear me fanboying here.

Tee courtesy of Orange Mag and FMCC! Grazie!

Thank you to Orange Mag for having me at the event. Also for this complimentary shirt from FMCC. I hope I can stay longer that day, but hey there’s still more to come I guess.

Ciao for now! :)

A whole lotta lovin’

Yesterday was the birthday of the late — and great — Francis Magalona, fondly Kiko the Master Rapper.

Filipinize the whole world: The birth of urban patriotism

It was the celebration of the fourth anniversary of Francis Magalona Clothing Company (FMCC) and the 46th birthday of the Man from Manila. The event was held in Outerspace Gallery in The Collective in Makati City.

Upon arriving at the venue, these bboys are starting to heat up the dance floor. In memoriam of the breakdancer himself. Do the funk!

He was known as a breakdancer, rapper, rockstar, actor, TV host, photographer, entrepreneur and loving father among others. The gallery showed memorabilia,  artifacts, awards, and photography he made when he was still alive. Indeed he was a multi-faceted artist and person.

Featured also was photographs he took, being a self-professed phoography junkie. A number of it used in various magazines, and some won awards.

He started FMCC four years ago carrying the 3 Stars & A Sun brand and design. Francis Magalona, a patriot at heart, is a herald of Filipino art and culture.

Ms. Pia and the kids spotted.

AND YES! SAAB MAGALONA! Now everyone knows that I really have a huge crush on her. Fulfillment! A photo with crush ng bayan Saab.

Totally a Fanboy!

I won’t show much of the gallery ’cause I want you to head over The Collective and see them for yourselves. Toy and comic collections, and some outfits can also be seen in the gallery, but you’re better off to see them yourselves! Gallery is up until October 8.

October 5, 6, 7 – 12NN – 9PM

October 8 – 4PM – 12MN

There will be performances from Gloc9, Pinups, DJ Rye, Ill-J, Nimbus 9, J-Rad, and MC Dash among others plus spend the night also with the Mags at B-side on October 8, Friday.

Long live FrancisM! Long live the Filipinos! Filipinize the whole world!

Love your color.

Cosmania 2010

And my Cosplay Debut.

Introducing Roderich Edelstein from Hetalia!

I fail with a wig... I did it wigless

Si Austria nagpagupit! (Austria just had a haircut!) LOLz. I just can’t look good with a wig kase.

3 and a half Europe: Doitsu, Prussia, Austria, and Russia

Some of the cosplayers that day:

Prussia from Hetalia

Squall Leonhart - a little emaciated :P

Tomb Raider?

I love Lambo!

And yes, me - Austonia

And for all those yaoi-lovin’ people, here‘s something for you. Oh yeah, we love yaoi! :)

Hmmmm, who to cosplay next?