A Night with Owls

Last night was a blast at the advanced screening of Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole at Megamall Cinema 1 with none other than but the Hoot Owls.

I was invited by my friend Colwin together with the members of Owl City Philippines (fondly, Hoot Owls.)

From L-R: Ruth, Carl, Michael, Paola, Dan, and Colwin

Apparently, Adam Young’s song To the Sky is featured in the movie, hence the rave from the fans (aside from they’re owls, hoot!) Some of them I’ve known since Adam’s short gig here in the Philippines last March. Here’s To the Sky by Owl City.

Anyway, the movie is directed by Zack Snyder (on his first take on animated film) and is based on the book by Kathryn Lasky — Guardians of Ga’hoole. The movie showcased the first three books in a collection of 15. The plot revolves around the story of two brothers Kludd and Soren and their quest for, well, flying which eventually led to a heavier purpose than just to fly and hunt. They were birdnapped by dugyot owls who call themselves the Pure Ones and there starts an adventure and friendship they have never imagined in their 360-degree-revolving heads.

The cinematography in general was great, extensively using 3D graphics. Some of the scenes were overrated I think, on my very subjective opinion only, of course. I like that not all the scenes are giving, since this is a kid’s story after all. It reserves some mystery and gives kids time to use their minds while watching. The story is childish, but packed full of morals, that kids, and kids-at-heart, will truly appreciate.

And yes, this is another good versus bad movie. Always a hit for the kids. I won’t be giving any more spoilers because I want you to catch it on September 24, 2010. Bring the whole family for a wonderful movie time together. Fall in love with Eglantine (our favorite owl.)

Super cute Eglantine!

Moreover, the event was hosted by DJ Slyde of 99.5RT. Our exclusive passes also are courtesy of RT. Thanks for having us! Thanks also to OCPH for inviting me, it was a great evening with you guys (only that the org’s moderator went home early. Grace! You missed a whole lotta fun!)

Grace was supposed to be in the middle of Colwin and Carl

The whole gang, camwhoring.

The Mean Boys: Jonver, Michael, and Colwin

Courtesy of Ms. Paola Tocante

And we headed straight to where what I call brain food is manufactured to catch some late dinner.

Asian pose!

I hope to catch up with you guys soon. Hoot!


For more owls, please welcome the O RLY OWL!

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  1. oi! ayon ako oh! :D

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