Books and Cosplay on a Sunday

Yesterday, Sunday, I went to MOA to meet some of my cosplayer friends.

It was the Best of Anime 2010 at the SMX Convention Center, and cosplayers, cosplay hawkers, yaoi-loving people, gamers, photographers, anime lovers, enthusiasts, junkies, and simple oglers all marched there — with the sale in MOA going on, and another event in SMX. The MOA complex is inexplicably crowded and I am starting to have claustrophobia.

There are so many people! I can't even get a decent picture of the mecha cosplayer of Bumblebee from Transformers

But still, good thing that I joined the crowd, because I got to hit two birds with one stone! I’ve been eyeing to go to the 31st Manila International Book Fair, also in SMX. It was their last day there. So I dragged the cosplayers in the fair first.

Cosplayers inside the book fair.

Another cosplayer inside the fair.

Michael, Cammille, and Nathan in cosplay

There are several booths, and even some creative ones.

Abliva Schoolhouse --- kid friendly booth.

C&E Bookshop --- will always remind me of college days.

Anvil Publication --- All-Filipino theme.

Adarna House --- juvenile fun.

Here are some of my finds:

Do you remember elementary days with this magazine? Didn't think though that they still have them around.

A for Adobo can be a good basis for food photography

A collection of news on politics and the nation / I like the cover page

This one's for Ate Nhickey for their thesis.

Something to read for inspiration

Interesting titles

Children's books were selling so cheap that day

And look! My first nominee for the Search for the 2011 Planner is from IBON foundation.

The first nominee for the Search for the 2011 Planner

And after an hour or so of circling around the fair, we went upstairs to look for other friends. And yes, the search for one but one cosplayer! SKY!!! YES! And that day. That was just one very lucky day! I just don’t know who was he cosplaying though.

Sky Kristian Gutierrez

Me and Sky

Notable cosplayers that day (some I know, some I do not.)

Andre (Gakupo from Vocaloid)

It's SAW!

This one's creepy but good.

Julliette as the Girl from Hell --- Creeeeeeepy!

Lois as Belarus from Hetalia

Aura as Pirate England from Hetalia

Amici <3

Michael as Pirate Holland from Hetalia

Melvyn as Police England from Hetalia --- look at the *tooooot* LOL peace Melvyn!

Patty as Cowboy America from Hetalia

Cammille (not in cosplay anymore)

Yes. Me as myself.

Some playing around

Bela-chan tries to kill Hellgirl. Hellgirl smirks in the futility of the act. (Julliette you're so creepy here, promiiiiiiise!)

The Girl from Hell Headshot --- used digicam only to take this shot!

Hellgirl / Pirate Holland / Priest --- FACE OFF!

I am supposedly doing my debut in cosplay on that day, but my funds got used up with all the thesis, and duties, and other academic stuff I would shun away from talking about here. So yeah, no cosplay til next month.

Spain (or Greece??) and Prussia piggyback ride

Melvyn full of emotions

It was a tiring day with all the walking, but it was fun doing with wacky cosplayers like them.

The Gang

See y’all on Cosmania on October!

P.S. When in MOA, I have this habit of going to Quickly to buy Taro Milk Tea. It was a habit I formed after knowing that Quickly Milk Tea is only available on select branches. Although yes, I can find other milk tea joints in other places, but Quickly Taro Milk Tea still has a different taste and feel in the mouth. ALSO I was about to meet up Ame and have milk tea near her dorm in Taft (just in front of St. Scholastica’s College) after knowing that Zen Tea has another branch there. MILK TEA CRAVING? Yes!

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