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The Michael and The Sax

Yesterday was the start of our Humanities class show && tell again.

Experience the Magical Sound of Sax with Dr. Michael M. Young @ FEU

We get to choose an artist of choice, profile them and review some of their works. Simple. Every week, one group will present every meeting, and this is for an exemption in the Final Exams — in which I will shamelessly beg Prof. Ferrer – Magat to please consider exempting the whole class ^___________________^

Anyway, Group 1 presented the tantalizing, ever so dashing Dr. Professor Michael M. Young.

from the AVP

He is a part-time professor in the UP Diliman College of Music, UST, and St. Paul University of Manila among others. He is a half Filipino, half German national. He is also a model (well, that seems given,) endorser, and most of all a full-time lover of the Saxophone.

The Sax: His baby, his first girlfriend, his mistress. Awww, the ladies must be jealous of that metal thing.

The group was able to bring their artist of choice in class, and it was just so magical to hear a live saxophone performance — one thing would be it’s free (I haven’t heard a saxophone performance outside posh hotels and theatres that sold student-unfriendly prices,) and the other would be it’s in our classroom. Professors from the Institute of Arts and Sciences hounded the place and also people from the Literature Society scouted just to witness such rare opportunity to have an intimate afternoon with Dr. Young.

The Doctor of Saxophones trying to be wacky and fun, when he already is.

He did a talk on what a saxophone is. For noobs, yes it’s quite technical. But for the ladies (and the lady-feeling) who just sought every detail of his visage — maybe he just have to keep on talking.

The Michael and The Sax

After which he graced us with a most indulgent performance. The classroom started to have a hotel lounge atmosphere.

Can you see the kilig in our professor’s face? Yes, that smile.

Painting by Prof. Candido Manarpiiz

Anyway, to end the event formally, the group, along with some of the faculty present presented a certificate of appreciation to Dr. Young — and an amazing painting made personally by a member of the faculty of Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts, Prof. Candido Manarpiiz, a good friend of Professor Magat. What a wonderful gift, I say.

The endless photo op.

The event was made possible by the BSN 110 Class Group 1 in cooperation with the Literature Society, the Department of Literature and Humanities, and the Institute of Arts and Sciences.

Young and Group 1

Thank you Dr. Michael M. Young for simply stunning us for that afternoon. May your music live through the passion that you feed it. Truly, the saxophone and you are one.

Young's BB was left on one corner as students and faculty hawk him.

Young with my friend Hanna and Yours Truly. Yes, I cannot let this event end without a photo op :)

P.S. It’s not law, it’s not nursing, it’s not nursing, it’s the arts. Young, 2010

‘Nuff said.