What’s in your bag v1

This is too late for the Manila Design Week contribution by Bratpack.

And I’ve seen it in Monday mag.

Saab did it, too. As well as Pat (although I’d like to think that in a parallel universe I conceived it to do first. Bitter? AMP! HAHA!) Here’s some evidence:

What's in my bag circa 2006: Esprit bag from mom. Mentos, Book from NBS, another book, notebook, and wallet.

Yes that was a cheap shot, I know.

And tonight, I decided to do it. Hahaha, and as Pat would put it – Feeling VIP lang.

Yes, it's that many in a bag.

I didn’t think there was that many stuff in my bag — everyday!

Ateneo jacket over Jansport White && Gray Bag

From L-R: Toshiba NB205 (fondly Toshi), Black notebook for notes with lots of handouts, [next line] Wallet from Oxygen, Coin purse from somewhere north, Eyemo for red eyes, pair of gray mist contacts with grade, ice cream lip balm from HK, Everyone’s a hero baller, white PQI flash drive, mercury drug plastic with biogesic inside, FEU-IN bookmark, [next line] Stabilo pencils, Mongol pencil, Tombow pen, Apache marker, green highlighter, Faster multicolored pen (for duties), green staples, stapler, keys, Orion correction tape, Stabilo eraser, [next line] earphones, school ID, watch. Whew!

From L-R: Starbucks 2010 Planner with lots of handouts again, pair of thick black rim glasses, [next line] Defend Press Freedom tickler,  Yellow pad, Toshi’s charger, face towel (I get SO sweaty everyday,) watch, nameplate, FEU lanyard.

And that’s basically the mess that is my bag. I’d like a spacier bag sometimes. Stay tuned for v2!

4 responses to “What’s in your bag v1

  1. I highly advise that you remove or edit these photos primarily because you are trying to invite crooks to rob you from your laptop and wallet…..as if you are telling them that,”HEY! look into my bag guys I have a Toshiba NB205 and a Wallet from Oxygen as well as a Coin purse from somewhere north.”..what you are actually doing is exposing to the world whatever good stuff they could take away from you regardless of your capacity to defend yourself….hindi ka na nadala napukpok ka na nga nga baril eh…try to think of the implications of this post..always remember that this is published in the world wide web..you’ll never know whose looking into your stuffs….

  2. Let’s buy a new bag. :*

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