Let us help fellow Filipino Christian San Jose and his friend Archan Nair to win DBH10K Design Contest. Winners will win an eye-popping amount of $10,000 bragging rights included. We can be a part of this by registering to DBH and voting for Siren Song.

Please vote for Siren Song @ DBH10KRead on how you would win 5 exclusive DBH shirts

Designers won’t leave us empty-handed though. Registered voters shall have a chance to win 5 DBH shirts when you promote Siren Song through social networking sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and blogs. You will have to email at with the subject Siren Song including your links where in you promoted Siren Song. Here’s how to win:

How to Win

It’s a bayanihan call for all of us. Vote now, show them who’s boss! We Filipinos have very good backgrounds in voting and campaigning (pun intended.)

Siren Song


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