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Remember Manila

Remember Manila

Remember Manila
Location: Manila Bay
Model: Ame Calix
Shot by: Jonver David
All rights reserved 2010

*This was shot using a Sony Cybershot W120*


Let us help fellow Filipino Christian San Jose and his friend Archan Nair to win DBH10K Design Contest. Winners will win an eye-popping amount of $10,000 bragging rights included. We can be a part of this by registering to DBH and voting for Siren Song.

Please vote for Siren Song @ DBH10KRead on how you would win 5 exclusive DBH shirts

Designers won’t leave us empty-handed though. Registered voters shall have a chance to win 5 DBH shirts when you promote Siren Song through social networking sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and blogs. You will have to email at promo@voteforsirensong.com with the subject Siren Song including your links where in you promoted Siren Song. Here’s how to win:

How to Win

It’s a bayanihan call for all of us. Vote now, show them who’s boss! We Filipinos have very good backgrounds in voting and campaigning (pun intended.)

Siren Song