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My cup of [milk] tea

Oh glorious milk tea, I can drink you for the whole day! I wish I’d lived in other parts of Asia though to maybe have discovered this earlier.

Milk tea craze has surely hit the PI already! But before it had hit mainstream, a few outlets only had served milk tea. One of those is Bubble Tea in The Block and Megamall. There go my frosh days when I just have to have my milk tea fix before going home. Or just chill around when everything’s lax and laid back. Milk tea wasn’t everyone’s thing though. I’d heard mixed reactions on this.

I forgot from what blog I got this from

Shots from my multiply site

Okay let’s give credit to Chowking’s Nai Cha, but it’s kinda… lame. I just don’t get it.

Three years later, however, milk tea had its time in the Philippine street fare scene. My fellow milk tea-drinking friend Hanna and I was surprised to see a stall [I’ll describe it na lang since I don’t have any pictures of it pala :|] with metal casks with labels of different kinds of tea, and a sealer we first saw in Zagu, which is manned by a Chinese woman and three jejemon-gangster-looking crewmen (I’m not even joking when I typed that :P) Located conveniently in front of our school’s gate, we were happy we can now get our fix anytime at a whim! Happy Fanshu is a milk tea joint based in three areas: front of FEU, UST Carpark, and Dapitan st. (near 711) all in Manila. You can check out a Facebook page here dedicated to all that Fanshu goodness.

From the Fanshu page


Usually I like my milk tea with extra pudding, or pearls if it doesn’t come with my tea. ALSO! I like my tea manually shaken. Ice-blended Nai Cha by Tea Zone in the newly opened OMS Food Court in Morayta sells ‘buy one take one.’ Aside from the rough feel of the blended ice, It also tastes like more sugar than milk tea. Well, I must note that not all milk teas are great tasting. But I just cringe at the fact that more students liked it than Fanshu :(

So the fact that there is milk tea craze and not all milk teas are good made me go for those I know and trust. Just when my ever-milk-tea-loving friend Hanna was on the lookout for lunch other than chicken fillet and rice, we stumbled upon Zen Tea in the Pearl Drive area.

Zen Tea looks like Burger Machine but also like a café stall.


This cute cork board for customers caught my attention.

AND THEY DO MILK TEA THE RIGHT WAY! That gave me a hint that this may be good. Lo and behold — a very well-executed Milk tea.

Almond Milk tea

Nai Cha for Hanna, and Altitude for moi

And it was good! Too bad it’s far from where I live (hello BULACAN?!) The almond in my milk tea was probably too strong but the Nai Cha was just perfect. Even better than Fanshu!

Almond and Pearl Milk Tea

What is your favorite milk tea joint?

P.S. My eyes were photosensitive that day we had milk tea on Pearl Drive. Thanks to Hanna for lending the shades, which btw I love!