Death by Splurge//Orgasm by Food

It was a random evening for me and my friend Ame, one Monday night.

Jamming in Manila Bay

I went to Taft to fetch the belt I left with Ame, and see how she was doing with her film [to be shown tomorrow, if I’m not mistaken.] It was great! I can swear Ame has a future in the digital arts! I wished I copied her music video though [feat. Alon by I-forgot-the-singer’s-name] so that I could share how good it is. And brag that she’s my friend. But her lappie betrayed us by dying in itself and leaving us ‘WTF!’ Anyway, it was rather early so we headed somewhere and decided we’d jam for the night. Of course we’d cover Up Dharma Down songs! Ame is a fellow UDD junkie.

We planned to ransack a friend’s condo, but decided to hit the Bay for the night. We WALKED from Vito Cruz to Manila Bay and there settled. She played, we sang [am not a musician] sample below. Oo seems to be a personal favorite for the both of us :)

Ame’s cover of Oo by Up Dharma Down

And I took some shots also. Trying to be really creative. I have a portfolio to make also, so this is some kind of training.

Guitar and Sea

While playing Oo

[insert thought bubble here :)]

Emo shot

It was a very laid back evening for the both of us despite requirements to finish the next day. But both of us need a good unwinding, especially before doing films.

It was 12 mn when we started aching for food, so we strolled around the Bay area for some quick fix. Luckily we found places that weren’t closed yet, and we went to Icebergs for late dinner. It wasn’t a cheap place, but food was — what appropriate word to say — Orgasmic! I know already that the parfaits and everything that has ice cream here is rockin, but never tried their dishes yet. It’s kinda perfect, and yes random, because Ame and I was thinking of coming up with a food blog post. This was it, I supposed. Only that she left her camera. There’d be more, she said. *more food blogs yay!*

Icebergs, according to my mom, has been in the dining and dessert place scene since her college days, serving mouthwatering parfaits among other ice cream treats. Despite being known for cold treats, the ice cream parlor-restaurant also offered gourmet food. You can view their menu here.

The biggest fish in fish and chips [fries] I’d ever seen

Must-be-silkier Tofu Steak with Spinach Rice

Gambas and Spinach Rice

It was the biggest fish in fish and chips, errrrr fries, that I had seen and eaten. The fish didn’t taste bland, wasn’t dry, and medley-ed with the mayo-garlic sauce. I didn’t like the tofu steak so much though. I think it was so-so. The sauce was good, but it could be better if the tofu is silkier. Ame told me that the gambas was not spicy [which should be spicy, right?] but anything shrimp for the lady can pass for her. I tasted the sauce, and it was alright, just the right tang for the shrimp. The spinach rice was fairly executed, but tasted spinach anyway.

Sundaes in midnight! <3

My Kahlua Chocolate Sundae

Ame’s Cappucino Sundae

Dessert came and yeah Ame shrieked in excitement to see ice cream on the table. Mine was a Kahlua Chocolate Sundae, and hers was Cappucino. We tasted each other’s dessert [I know very few people who share their food in the restaurant :) This made me remember Joey Tribbiani from FRIENDS] and the Cappucino was a little anemic. My Kahlua Chocolate, however, was strong; rich chocolate with kahlua liqueur. It made me gulped a glass of water a number of times. Icebergs is really a dessert place, their desserts are just old-fashioned-goodness! All in all the damage was almost PhP900, but the food was worth it. Definitely not for everyday though, or I’ll go broke. I’ll be back to regular Mcdo diet the day next. LOLJK!

We walked to Ame’s place full and elated [read: orgasm by food] with the night. Being the nocturnal us, we hadn’t noticed that it was already 2am. The night was totally spontaneous and random.

Film + Sea + Music + Friends + Food + Some time off = A very memorable night.

Ame being excited over food and avoiding a picture with her Gambas

Death by Splurge//Orgasm by Food fansign on a receipt

Death by Splurge//Orgasm by Food fansign on a receipt

To more chillax nights, Ame!

So when did you last spontaneously spend a day/night?

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