So I had a list of things to blog…

…but then academics and procrastination get in the way. I had one draft and two other late events to blog about. And yeah, I won’t mention them so that you won’t even recognize it. LOLz.

Seriously. It’s hard to work when it’s not your thing you’re working on, you know what I mean.

So I think I’m going to blog away the evening (and the boredom of nursing paperworks) with what I did today.

1. I spent the late evening yesterday with someone special, so that I arrived home very tired. I slept until 9am, until that I have to bring my sister to the doctor. She had fever, cough and colds for four days, and yes, I am not home enough to know that. Zeh nurses in the clinic were gossiping and I can’t see the future of the nursing profession in the Philippines (let’s dedicate a separate blog post for that… and maybe not here.)

2. Going back home, I don’t know if I’d start working, start eating, or start sleeping again. With that, I opened my lappie which I had forgot to shut down last night, thus my battery was drained, and started tweaking Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Weird things about students, you’re with your books and notes but when you open Facebook, it’s all gone in your vision. Everything set in the periphery already. And I am not an exception. Add to that Formspring. Which reminds me of! Armi has Formspring, and she’s answering all questions! 

The Armification of Jamberrr
Armi’s networking profiles in a row.


Not to include to that I was listening to Up Dharma Down‘s whole dsicography that time I was cyberstalking her Formspring. Well, it was my productivity playlist. It psyches me to work. Sometimes lullaby playlist, lulls me to sleep. It’s a do-it-everything playlist.

3. Aside from cyberstalking Armi (Oh no Armi, don’t be afraid!), I also took note of their gigs for this month, on their official Facebook page. I am such a junkie! I also followed Armi up to come to my friends’ exhibit in DLS-CSB which we fervently hope she grace her presence with. I am so stoked for more ARMIIIIIIIIIIIIII <3!

4. I use Google Reader for following those blogs I usually read on a daily basis. Due to academic load, and the sheer lack of ability to stay awake to read those upon arriving home, it had piled up to 200 posts (I think that was in less than a week.) Now that I’m typing this blog, I had reduced it [translate: read each post] to 67. But it’s slowly piling up again :(

I just finished reading Armi’s latest tumblr posts :)

I have to note that almost all the blogs I read for this week are about the Hong Kong Nationals massacre and the remembering of Alexis Tioseco’s murder along with Nika Bohinc. Too depressing stories for the Philippines. Not that kind of news we want to hit the international community. But I bet it already did. :|

Check out: Chuvaness, SaabMagalona, and GangBadoy

5. Then it suddenly came to me that I have to eat, so I jumped out of bed (I am bedridden having muscle pain, my muscles are aching man!) and grabbed leftovers from yesterday’s dinner which was plenty. Propped it in the microwave, and poof instant late brunch. That was around 3:30pm, and I can’t even feel hunger pangs. Now that was weird.

6. I thought of something to pump me up for work, so I bought some chocolate (CHOCO MUCHO!!!!) and sat on the bed to start although I find myself alternating between chatting and doing paperworks. My paperworks for tomorrow are about nurse-patient interaction and the nursing care of mentally challenged individuals. Go figure. I wanna finish before Cinderella time tick-tocks.

7. The clock reads 11:22 pm. Me doing this blog means me not doing the paperworks, so I guess I have to go finish them na.

Armi and UP DHARMA DOWN for inspiration! :D

And oh, something for me to look forward to tomorrow: Ame’s Exhibit! I’m so excited!!!! I hope Armi comes! *Enforces law of ATTRACTION* ^^,

Holla at me here :D

UPDATE: Armi didn’t come that night, she was sick. I hope she’s a-okay now. <3 Pagaling ka po Ms. Armi Millare! <3

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